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Certified Oxygen Depletion Sensor Inspections

Ventless fireplaces, also known as duct-free fireplaces and room-venting fireplaces, are a type of residential gas-heating device. Ventless fireplaces are often preferred because they burn at an extremely high efficiency and release far less harmful gasses than most other portable heating alternatives. Gas Log Fireplaces are typcially ventless fireplaces unless you have a fully functioning wood burning fireplace installed.

Despite their name, ventless fireplaces vent unburned combustion byproducts directly into the living space of a home. Traditional fireplaces are equipped with a flue which vents the bulk of carbon monoxide (CO) and airborne particulates created by the fire into the outdoors.

Manufacturers of ventless fireplaces usually install an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) which will automatically shut down the fireplace if oxygen levels in the home become dangerously low. If the Oxygen Depletion Sensor fails during a Carbon Monoxide producing event, potenital harm can result to the occupants of the home.

Ventless Fireplaces should be inspected to ensure that an Oxygen Depletion Sensor is installed and is functioning properly.

Many types of home loans including VA Loans, FHA Loans and USDA Rural Development Loans require a Certified Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) Inspection.

McNeese Home Inspections is certified in Ventless Fireplace and Oxygen Depletion Sensor Inspections. We can provide these low cost inspections quickly and return your Oxygen Depletion Sensor Inspection Report to you within 24 hours. Your ODS Inspection Report will fulfill all of the requirements of your home loan.

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